New Year, new socks, new game called Blitz of Blocks!

That’s right folks, over the holidays, while you were playing checkers with uncle Lew and drinking that sweet-sweet nog, here at Block Party, we’ve been hard at work redefining fun in a box.

After playing Block Attack until our eyes bled, we realized something. We could (and this has been scientifically proven) double the amount of fun, by doubling the size of the game board! This idea may or may not have come out of a 3am game jam. We tried it, and to all of our amazement, it was in fact 2x the fun, so we let it ride and came back the next day to see that it wasn’t just a dream.

We have the time attack mode up and running so far and are planning on adding elimination soon. We’re also going to add the leader boards back in so you can see that you came in second place behind Lozofan… again…

As always, would love your thoughts, (prayers) and feedback. And now we’ve made it super easy to tell us what you think by clicking the little button that says, “What do you think?” Original huh!

Just click that little beauty and you can leave us some deep thoughts.

Ok! Enough Jibber-Jabber

Head over to to try it for yourself.

Go on now, off you go.