Imagine playing Xbox and knowing when you were going to play well and when you were about to make an error. You would win more, increase your ranking, and enjoy your gaming more.

Sounds like a cheat doesn’t it?

MaddCog helps gamers play at their best by quantifying mental performance using sensors embedded in gaming headsets. This allows for clear recommendations on when to play competitive ranked games, or when to practice, while live alerts trigger when there is a high risk of error.

Focus alert while playing Apex Legends
Focus alert while playing Apex Legends
Focus alert while playing Apex Legends

A Practical Example

Let’s use Tommy as an example of a gamer who plays Apex Legends and is focused on increasing his ‘kills’ and online ranking. Historically, Tommy finds he gets killed after a battle. He suspects this is because he relaxes and switches off briefly. Using MaddCog, Tommy is now notified of these lapses in concentration, allowing him to refocus immediately, thus avoid these errors. …

Imagine if you knew you were likely to make a mistake before you even made it.

I have a problem. I have an extremely competitive personality, I love to win, but I am not really good at anything. This leads to a lot of frustration as I try really hard at everything, but very rarely win. This includes playing Xbox, and more specifically my favorite game, Madden NFL. I am fully invested in every game I play, but all too often I make mistakes that cost me the game. And it sends me crazy.

When a friend and I started exploring mental performance in gaming over a year ago, this scenario was one we discussed a lot. Why did we throw interceptions, when on review they were obviously the wrong decision? …

Ever wondered why one day you perform at your best, then the next day you struggle like a noob? Your level of skill hasn’t changed, yet your performance has.

Enter cognitive fatigue.

Just as your body gets tired if you go for a run or play a game of football, your mind gets tired when loaded up for extended periods. The cause maybe a long gaming session, working at a computer for hours, or simply a period of very intense focus, but it leaves your mind fatigued and not performing at its best.

We will refer to this as cognitive fatigue and it is also influenced by your physical state. Research has highlighted that physical fatigue leads to an earlier onset of cognitive fatigue. So late nights, poor diet, lack of general endurance etc all result in higher levels of cognitive fatigue. …


Ben Wisbey

Performance Scientist at MaddCog

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