Writing Product critiques is a great exercise to grow product intuition. Here is my take on Superhuman — based on the framework shared by J. Zhuo.

If you want to skim through the main article ideas, you can find Google slides at the bottom of the article.

Before hitting the landing page

Superhuman came to…

At Partoo, it had always been hard to track who was doing what and when. Things were moving fast, priorities changed every week. I was evolving from CTO to CPO, therefore, my first task — and probably the most challenging one — was to draw a product roadmap.

I made…

I would like to present a product that truly changed my way of dealing with knowledge, of managing knowledge.
Until now, I was facing the following problems: I got into inspiring classes from ESSEC Business School or UC Berkeley, and took the habit of summing them up in real-time on an…

Benoit Cotte

Co-founder & PM @ Partoo • Love skateboarding • benoitcotte.com

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