How to grow your output x10

And creating ‘Good Business Karma’

As a Product Manager, MD, or CEO of a brand ask yourself these questions:

  1. How many products/product features will you put live this year?
  2. And how would you multiply this by 10?

Scaling your current output by 10 is almost impossible in most businesses as it would require exponential growth in employee numbers and with that would come significant problems in culture, collaboration, management and momentum. But that does not mean it is impossible to grow your output 10-fold.

If you currently develop all your features and products in-house it is usually because you perceive that:

  • the standard of outsourcing is not good enough
  • and/or that the cost is too high
  • and/or it is never on time
  • and/or you want to retain ideas and IP

But what if the outsourcing was good enough, the price was right, it was delivered on time and you owned the IP? How could you get this Utopian-event? The answer is to TEACH.


I recently read James Clear’s blog post describing how Pieter Ernst was able to serve 107,000 people’s needs with only a team of 19, and I could not help but appreciate how appropriate it would be for delivering good products.

If you teach other businesses and agencies who you work with how to produce work to your standards, then you will be able to increase your potential output many times (10-fold might be an exaggeration)

  • Create an engagement team and produce Web standards, UI standards, pattern libraries, and analytics standards
  • Write non-functional requirements in to the contracts
  • Provide coding standards and better still offer coding audits; give them QA feedback as you should in your own scrums.
  • Rip up NDAs and collaborate on proofs of concepts with shared IP and/or exclusivity periods


  • Teach; offer your skills to make their businesses better.
  • Offer your star team members to give them talks on best-practice

Believe me there is such a thing as Good Business Karma

  • Agencies will want to work with you and not just see you as a pay-packet.
  • The same companies will share IP with you, and even offer you exclusive first look at work they are developing.
  • Affiliate businesses will prefer working on projects driving traffic to your sites not your competitors.
  • Next time you are looking to hire staff there will be a queue of people in your city, and beyond, looking to work with you.
  • You will retain Staff who become experts in their field as they will get the variety of work they want, and their knowledge-sharing fix.
  • And ultimately your customers will benefit, your staff will benefit, your bottom-line will benefit.

I fully believe if you set out to be open, be educational, offer training, and offer resources, then in the long term it will pay back.

I hope to re-write this article in the future including a case-study example of a company I have seen that has implemented this, and hopefully I can be involved… stay tuned.

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