In the photo are 10 people hovered over a ping pong table. Sometimes its a foosball table, or a pool table, but its definitely a table. There are people drinking what looks like beer, laughing, foosing all over the place, having a great time. One is petting a dog. Some have their hands in the air, though I can’t exactly tell why. Is there music in the back ground? Are they cheering for the game? Who are these people?
Why I Won’t Make it Past Your Careers Page
LaToya Allen

Quote “ Part of the reason perks such as foosball tables, beer fridges and candy walls are so common in the offices of tech companies, she contends, is that “they want people to work long hours.” But that becomes less attractive with age. “You may have family or other interests outside work,” Ms. Coates says. “Priorities change.”

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