They believe with every fibre of their being that when you create a new language, the ONLY goal should be to advance the art of language design, to find new design innovations. Other goals, no matter how pragmatic, irks them to no end.
Why does Go get so much flak from developers?
Richard Kenneth Eng

I think the flak came because Go didn’t incorporate functional language features or generics which are deemed “kool” these days. Go is designed to be predictable, efficient, readable and maintainable. Anyone who has to maintain Scala code will know the pain. Look at Java generics, it’s a mess and you have to bend your brain to understand it, except for simple cases. A language that makes no effort to make its codebase readable and maintainable will incurred high TCO(Total Cost of Ownership) and subsequent abandonment.

Despite lacking all the “sharp tools”, Go code is easy to read and maintain.

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