Because everything outside of that — load balancing, capacity planning, deployments, five 9 availability engineering — is undifferentiated heavy lifting. Sure it’s critical to your business, but you aren’t solving any new problems that others haven’t, and the problems you are solving aren’t differentiators — they’re table stakes. Hard, messy, complicated table stakes.
Let serverless solve the technology problems you don’t have
Phillip Manwaring

Totally accurate picture of the cost of getting into the “cloud” for most legacy software companies.

Most software companies shipped packaged softwares but NEVER really have any experience running an IT shop with its weals and woes at scale. So alot of time is now spending on containerizations, choosing and tending a COE(Container orchestration Engines) and cost control of cloud resources. Came as a shock for most and probably “resentment” and frustrations because subscription-based software services don’t bring in locked-in revenues in larger chunks as packaged softwares did. Analogously, why should an user have to know complex circuitry of the motherboard in order to be using a Mac or PC? It would be insane.

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