Get insurance against smart contract bugs.

created by Keep Network discord user eldoramix#2809

Disclosure: I own KEEP tokens and have provided NXM tokens as collateral for the TBTC smart contract.

Nexus Mutual provides onchain insurance against smart contract bugs.

Being able to take out insurance helps to reduce the risk for 3rd parties to adopt new projects. For example:

  • If a traditional centralised exchange wants to list TBTC they can take out an insurance policy with Nexus. This would reduce their risk in listing a new asset.

Nexus token holders choose which projects they want to…

Blockchains are incentive machines

image source

Keep Network conducted industrial staker sales in 2017 (including Andreessen Horowitz) and 2019 (led by Paradigm)

“Bitcoin is the world’s largest cryptocurrency. Building a bridge that allows Bitcoin to interact with DeFi makes a lot of sense, and tBTC is a credible attempt to do exactly that.”
Fred Ehrsam (Paradigm co-founder, who also co-founded Coinbase)

Coinbase announced in April 2020 that they are providing asset support for Keep Network through Coinbase custody and staking infrastructure.

Tech is cool but utility is King

The Random Beacon was the first application built on the Keep Network, it provides truely random number generation to Ethereum smart contracts. …

Step by step instructions with screenshots.

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

If you are Playing for Keeps you need to run a node on testnet.

This guide makes no assumptions about your experience using dapps or MetaMask. I have taken lots of screenshots along the way to make it easy to follow.

Everything being equal this guide should take about one hour to complete.


  1. Create a keystore file

Ok lets go.

1. Create a wallet by keystore file

We use this on the node.


  1. While you can create a wallet using MetaMask you cant export a keystore file…

I decided to try out Cameo, it was great.

Every year I’m going to smile when Facebook reminds me of the awesome Cameo John McGinley did on my behalf. Cameo is a website where you can get personalised messages from your favourite celebrities.

Screenshot from the Cameo

Celebrities have millions of Twitter fans, a small number of which are cashed up super fans. Russell Crowe was able to raise $400,000 for charity from tech billionaires on Twitter through a tweet.

Time wasters and getting payments has traditionally been a problem. Hence the need for agents to act as middlemen. The time and costs of middle men has put the cost of engaging…

Wifi fingerprints and secure multi party computation could provide an answer.

The signal strength of wifi networks available to your phone is as a fingerprint for where you are. Source: screenshot from

Ever wonder how satellites avoid each other? No spy program wants to give up the secret locations of where their satellites will be. The NSA will be real mad if you crash your commercial satellite into theirs. Countries manage to keep their satellites from colliding with maths.

The short answer is multi party computation. Let’s look at a simple example. Say I want to get Chris, Mary and Neil to help me do the computation 10 x 10 but I don’t want them to know what the answer is.

So I write the numbers 3, 2 and 5 down on…

Keep Network — Technology Explainer

Disclaimer: The author intends to run a Keep node after the network launches on the 27th April 2020.

Keep Network is an Ethereum smart contract that provides a sMPC Oracle for private data.

I had to read the whitepaper 10 times and ask a lot of questions of the team to really understand how sMPC works and what Keep actually does. To save you some time I have put together a visual explainer.

The animation shows what the article describes.


A blockchain can be trusted for correctness, but not for privacy. Anyone can view the code and content of any transaction or smart contract on the network…

Cut through the Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt that the media is feeding you about 2019-nCoV.

source: screenshot of the Wuhan Coronavirus dashboard maintained by Johns Hopkins University, Centre for Systems Science and Engineering

Do you ever feel like you’re at the start of a post apocalyptic movie? You know, the bit where you yell at the main character to get out of the city while they still can. I’m right there with you.

On the 23rd of January I read about Wuhan shutting down public transport in response to an outbreak. I jokingly thought, “time to start stockpiling food and water before the apocalypse arrives”. Then I read that the Australian government wasn’t quarantining people who had travelled to Wuhan, suddenly it sounded less crazy.

The media sure does love fear. Fear gets…

The world as we know it is about to change fast.

Photo by Tom Parkes on Unsplash

I like to think about the future a lot, so this year I decided to make some predictions.

My predictions for this decade

  1. Federated Learning will unlock value from previously inaccessible sensitive data.

Connecting fishers with restaurants to fight food fraud.


Traditional supply chains are full of middlemen. Food fraud is a problem because there is no transparency into who did what. Blockchain can solve this.

Two Hands is focused on people and trust.

Colin Milstead has been fishing since he was a young boy, he takes great pride in the quality of his catch. More importantly Colin is a man of his word, he always delivers on his promises. This is why Waldorf Astoria’s Executive Chef Alistair Carter, pays a premium to buy Colin’s lobster.

Blockchain enables trust. Now we can connect high end restaurants directly with fishers on the…

Australia has a two tiered justice system

Photo by Giammarco Boscaro on Unsplash

Modern society works because collectively we agree to abide by the rules. I can trust that when i’m having lunch with a friend, they wont suddenly jump up and assault me. This trust in the law is the foundation for people living together productively.

There is a shared knowledge that there are rules and those rules are fair. What’s more, the rules apply to everyone.

But do the rules apply to everyone equally?

A pedophile with powerful friends

In case you haven’t been following the news in Australia. Cardinal Pell was convicted and sentenced for being a pedophile.

Individual sentences

On charge 1, being the…

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Playing at the intersection of privacy and personalisation. Fascinated by the state of trust in a world with leaky data.

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