Shed the skin you’re in

An open letter to those wanting change.

Consider this a public service announcement.

Avenu Fitness is in the midst of a launch that will be more impactful than Apollo 11. Now the moon landing understandably was a big deal, don’t get me wrong, we just feel that this opportunity can have more impact upon the lives of you and your family.

Now that I’ve set the bar really high for the rest of this announcement, it is probably best I make mention of the actual point to this blog.

September 1st will be the launch of the 30 Day Reclaim. It is a month long introspective look at your present state of humanity such as your relationship with food, sleep, mindset, movement and other people.

All too often we make the mistake and place all of our effort into one of these areas and cast the others to the side. The food we eat tends to be that area of focus: carbs and gluten become public enemies, calories move to the forefront of our minds and we reduce ourselves to walking science experiments. Eating becomes more of a robotic form of maintenance instead of an enjoyable human experience.

It’s time to reclaim our humanity. It’s time to acknowledge that we are more than calories and the number on a scale.

That is the goal of the 30 Day Reclaim. We want to help you understand how sleep, movement, mindset, relationships and food all intersect and interact to define your health. Neglect one and every aspect is affected.

Understand the 30 Day Reclaim isn’t a diet or something you do for one month only to go back to your “normal” once the calendar flips to the next month. This isn’t intended to have you lose 10 lbs to have you go back to how you were before you lost it.

Have you ever seen a snake slide back into the skin it just shed? I haven’t.

You can walk away from bad habits. You can be better tomorrow than you are today.

Let’s make a change together. Let’s walk this path and create a new version of yourself.


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