Small dreams can crush you

In the process of creating and dreaming in my own life, I found myself stumbling upon a conundrum of sorts.

Does the size of your dream or goal matter?

It would appear that the answer is yes. Bigger goals and dreams need more out the dreamer. They require us to leap from our comfort zone and safe space. They need open minds and big hearts. It takes courage and grit to do something different to achieve something you’ve never achieved. It takes guts to step outside of yourself.

Small dreams and goals can do the opposite. They may need only a little nurturing to be achieved. You can still be the same person. The need for BIG growth isn’t necessary. Small goals tend to be safe. Sure safe can sound good but safe also equals limited.

As you set goals for yourself, make sure they are BIG. If they aren’t BIG maybe they aren’t good enough. Challenge your own personal status quo.

Set the bar high for yourself and fight like hell to hold yourself to those standards. You just might find that you achieve and exceed the smaller goals you’ve set for yourself along the way.

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