This was so sensational!
Megan Carter

Hi Megan,

Thanks so much for writing to me. I really appreciate it. It sounds like you are hip-deep in life and getting amongst it. I agree that simply being is challenging. It’s like good health, it’s a constant thing. You can’t eat a piece of celery one day and then think you’re healthy. It’s a daily activity. Same with being.

Since writing this article, I’ve been even more self-aware of when I’m delving into the future or past. It’s like I have some extra space to notice it and then I can choose what to do about it. For the most part, I ask myself what I’m avoiding in the now if I’m imaging something better in the future. Then I just connect with how I’m feeling and if there’s angst or discomfort, I give it a big old hug and welcome it into “me”. The discomfort may stay for a few more minutes, but usually it just dissolves and it leaves more space and peace. Ah, what a relief.

Enjoy your travels.

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