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Remote Meeting that don’t suck

Atlassian recently did a study to find what were the biggest distractions in the workplace. You might not be surprised to hear that culprit number two was meetings. So here’s our guide to running collaborative, productive meetings that don’t suck.

Some Hard Truths About Meetings

According to the study, on average employees go to about 60 meetings each month, with attendees saying that half of all these meetings were a waste of time. This adds up to about 31 hours of unproductive time each and every month.

Putting the numbers aside for a second, it’s not hard to imagine how someone’s energy might be sapped through sitting through countless, pointless meetings.

Even when we manage to invite the right people in the right room, Atlassian found that:

  • 91% of people daydreamed during meetings
  • 96% of people have straight up missed meetings
  • 39% of people have slept during…

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How the wrong KPIs will lead your organisation to successfully achieving negative results.

In uncertain, complex, and ambiguous times where change is the only constant, it is easy to lose sleep to heavy-hitting questions about your business.

  • Is my organisation heading for a cliff?
  • Am I moving too slow and not taking on enough risk?
  • Are the naysayers right and I should take their advice?
  • Are the naysayers wrong and I should trust my instincts and push forward.
We have all been there!

If you’re like most, the go-to position for fending off insomnia are your KPIs. You put our faith in data, because cold hard facts can never lead you astray.


The problem with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

As the saying goes you cannot manage what you do not measure. …

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Scale Your Team Without Breaking Your Culture

Practical strategies on scaling your team so that when things take off, you’re ready.

So it’s finally happened — your company has developed a new product that people absolutely adore. With the growth of the product, you suddenly have the capacity to scale and also, a sudden demand to scale. Like, right now.

Most companies in this position jump into action, hiring rapidly and aggressively without pausing to form a strategy or consider the long term impacts of sudden growth.

But simply adding new people doesn’t immediately increase productivity or capacity. In fact, in many cases the opposite happens.

People aren’t like modular furniture, you can’t just attach new teams to meet new capacity needs. People are complex, have egos, competing agendas and needs. Many times, capable and experienced people are hard to find and earnest people do terribly in interviews. …


Ben Ralph

Start-Up Founder, Head of Product Innovation ⚡️, Executive Editor of The Lab Book.

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