Remote Meeting that don’t suck

Some Hard Truths About Meetings

According to the study, on average employees go to about 60 meetings each month, with attendees saying that half of all these meetings were a waste of time. This adds up to about 31 hours of unproductive time each and every month.

Putting the numbers aside for a second, it’s…

Scale Your Team Without Breaking Your Culture

So it’s finally happened — your company has developed a new product that people absolutely adore. With the growth of the product, you suddenly have the capacity to scale and also, a sudden demand to scale. Like, right now.

Most companies in this position jump into action, hiring rapidly and…

Many of you will remember having a physical music collection, your own tangible manifestation of your musical identity.

It wasn’t that long ago, but music streaming services have now relegated our once prized collections to our attics and glove compartments.

Our favourite songs are no longer trapped as Track 13…

Ben Ralph

Start-Up Founder, Head of Product Innovation ⚡️

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