But the need to revive a franchise so it would last at least a few more decades created a never-ending war. One without hope. It’s a galaxy where history repeats itself, where no one learns from their mistakes, and every victory is actually a far worse, more tragic defeat in disguise.
Why Star Wars: The Force Awakens Made Me Feel Terrible
Tom Vaughan

The franchise is a recreation of Valhalla. For the vikings heaven was a place where warriors fight and kill each other all day, are revived at night so they can party in the beer hall. The next day is the same.

What makes starwars even less hopeful is that the force is both good and evil. So why even bother fighting? In that universe Evil will always “balance” out the good. And there can be no meaningful wins or losses. It’s karmic fatalism which is exactly as nihilistic as you say.

For me the films best moments were the ones that show an appeal to conscience. (Much like the nazis in “Ordinary Men.”) No matter who we are, we always have a choice to disobey corrupt orders.