Wearables and Measureables….

I walk most morning when I wake up, sometime at 6.30….and when a little lazy, 7.15pm. Wear my fitbit charge HR, don my iphone loaded with the audiobook app, currently listening to “The Lean Startup” by Eric Ries (highly recommended) then hit the pavements.

Regularly, I do about 3kms, head back home and warm down skipping 500 plus planks as my rest count.

My Fitbit Charge HR

Since using this wearable, it has somehow made me conscious of keeping fit, measuring distances walked or heartbeat count and most importantly, challenges with friends worldwide on staying on top. Makes you keep the challenge going.

I decided to skip walking this morning and used my elliptical for 35mins. I got some startling figures from this machines which are at odds with the fitbit measurements….Hmmmm !!! please NOTE, I was wearing my fitbit HR whilst running on this machine.

Elliptical — 35 mins — 9.5km — 350 calories

Fitbit — 5,700 steps — 3.5km — 1,500 calories

This just confused me and begs the questions? Who sets the standards and measurements accurately for calories lost and distance covered ???

One thing I am very sure about, because of the JOBELYN I use regularly, my recovery rate is higher and faster

Jobelyn…..complete wellness

Don’t care anymore about steps and calories (….not so true, need to get to 25,000 steps to beat a friend though :-) but just keep walking and enjoy the books you can listen too. Completed the “The Blue Ocean Strategy” last week — Great Book also.

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