The essential guide on being an effective Discord Modulator

What is Discord?

Discord is a text and voice chat service designed for gaming communities, which has now evolved to include building large NFT communities in recent months as well. It allows people to easily communicate with others across the world, as well as share pictures, videos, and other media. Discord was designed with the goal of easing communication between people.

What is a Discord Moderation?

Discord Moderation is the process of managing and preventing abuse on a Discord server. A Discord Moderator’s primary function is to facilitate community building as well as administrative duties such as banning bots, upholding server integrity etc. This guide will attempt to equip you with the knowledge and skills to protect and maintain your server and it’s community.

Why do we need a Discord Moderator?

Discord Moderators are responsible for upholding the Code of Conduct in the Discord chat. They ensure that conversations are constructive, that users are following all of the rules, and that there is no bullying or harassment.

In order to keep the Discord server as organized as possible, we need a Discord Moderator! This will help new members, and users of the Discord server to be able to locate the correct chat rooms, and channels.

What is the Role of a Discord Moderator?

When a user has the “Moderator” permission on a Discord server, they are considered a Discord moderator. These users have the ability to manage the server’s settings, add and remove other users from the server, assign roles to users on the server, and view messages from the server’s members.

Discord has a function for joining and hosting voice chats. This means that we can use it for our own voice chats, and we can also use it to chat with other people.

Challenges of Being an Awesome Discord Moderator

The support staff are on 24/7

One of the challenges of being an awesome Discord moderator is that it is a 24/7 job. There is no break from being on Discord, which is why you have to have a good work ethic to be a good moderation team.

Working with the Community

The best way to manage a discord server is to manage the community. This means that staff should be active, respond quickly to messages, and be approachable. If staff members are not approachable, they will not be able to do their job well.

One of the most important things that staff can do is listen to what people are saying on the server. Listening is key! Staff members must be respectful to the community and engage with them in meaningful conversations.

Thinking on the feet

Sometimes heated discussions may occur and moderators need to be able to step in at the right time to diffuse the situation. It requires a high degree of firmness and maturity in order to calm the situation down before it escalates. If it does escalates further, the moderator will need to be able to take a stand to mute either or both parties, and let them settle their differences without disrupting the harmony of the community. If that be happily effected, the parties can then be allowed in. Otherwise the moderator may have to use the power to ban the parties should they be found to cause more harm to the community than good.

What are the do’s and Don’ts of being a Discord Moderator?


Be prompt in responding to messages

  • Be authentic, sincere and respectful to all members of the server
  • Give people a chance to fix their mistakes before you ban them for good
  • Use the power of words, not the power of your banhammer!
  • take time to work with others on the team
  • respect each other, even when you disagree.
  • Do be open minded.


  • Use your moderator powers for personal gain or revenge on other users. This includes kicking or banning people just because you don’t like them or they were talking about something you didn’t want them to talk about.
  • Don’t be rude to others
  • Don’t ignore other people’s opinions because they are different than your own.
  • Don’t get into arguments with other moderators over who is right.
  • Don’t discriminate against any race and refrain from joining any political or religious debates.

Key points for becoming successful as moderators on the app

In conclusion, there are many things that moderators should keep in mind when they are moderating a community server. It is important to be aware of the risks and threats that are associated with being a moderator. They should also know how to manage their time and how to deal with different types of people in order to make sure they are successful at their job.

Though challenging, it is gratifying to see how a community can grow from strength to strength and know that one has a part to play in it. In a way, it reflects life. Moderating commands leadership as members look upon them to keep the environment safe and conducive to be who they are, and enjoy being a part of the community.



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