Handling the holidays and your waistline

It’s that time of year where all your hard work in the gym over the summer slowly starts to slip.

It’s cold, dark, everyone has a cold, you’ve got 20 invites to various Christmas parties to go to and your motivation to go and train has quickly gone from 100 to 0.

Many people say it’s almost impossible to stay in shape during the Christmas holidays, there’s lots of eating, even more drinking and with lots of events coming up you simply don’t have time to get to the gym.

Below are a couple examples of how I would handle the most common Christmas situations.

I have a lot of meals out and drinks coming up

My plan for this would then be diet control, if I know I have a meal coming up where I am most likely going to be consuming a lot of calories, I’ll make sure my calorie intake for the days leading up to the big event are lower than usual, I will also make sure that on the day when I am training I give it that little bit extra than what I perhaps usually would. If I am tracking calories then I simply reduce the number I am currently on, if I’m not tracking calories then I will opt for smaller portions, bulk meals out with more salad and veg and perhaps try to eat my first meal as late on in the day as possible.

I don’t have time to get to the gym

My advice to give to those who say they don’t have time to get to the gym is very simple, make time. We all have 24hrs in the day and only 1 of those is needed to get a workout in.

The excuse that not having enough time is one used by those that in reality, aren’t that serious about training and achieving their goals.

If it means getting up earlier to train the morning, do it!

If you have to alter your training programme so you can get your workouts in at lunch, do it!

If you have to train on what would normally be a rest day because you have a whole weekend booked out with events, do it!

Ultimately when it comes to the holidays, it all really boils down to sacrifice, what aren’t you willing to sacrifice and what are you?

If you’re not willing to sacrifice your evenings out then look to where you can make sacrifice else where, if that means not pigging out during the week, then that’s what you need to do.