Find your passion. Then follow it.

The most successful people in our society are those who “win.” After all, Lebrun James didn’t get to where he is today by losing. Winning isn’t just about winning over others. It’s about winning for yourself. Finding out what you’re most passionate about, what kind of winning makes you happy. However, this is easier said than done. Most people never figure out their passion first.

Many people are unhappy because they haven’t figured out how to win for themselves. They spend all day dealing with things that are not self-fulfilling.

Why? Why do we work 9–5 jobs that we are not passionate about? For many people, it’s for multiple reasons; money, work life balance, benefits, etc. The reason behind it all; people start off worrying about the small things and tend to forget the big picture. Most people will answer the questions “what is your goal in 5 years?” And “when you die, what do you want to leave behind?” with completely different answers.

They forget to realize that the goals that they reach in the next 5 years will lead to their legacy.

The winners who I am talking about are those who’s answers to these two questions are aligned. They picture starting a business in the next 5 years, and leaving it behind for their sons and daughters. They work for their next bonus in order to start a college fund for their kids. They move overseas to help save lives. They all have one thing in common; they’ve figured out how to win for themselves.

One of the tips to success that many successful entrepreneurs suggest is to take the time to figure out what you’re passionate about first.

Waste time figuring out how to win for yourself first. Then win for others. Take the risk to find what makes you happy. Take time off work to research starting that business that you’ve always wanted. Stop watching that drama show and start watching educational videos.

In the end, success is determined in a variety of ways. But figuring out your passion first will help build towards success and a life full of “wins.”