Forget about the rotten tomatoes.

Don’t get hung up on some of the weak areas in your life too much. Before you know it, you’ll fix and then realize that it wasn’t worth the time. You’ll find yourself back to square one.

This doesn’t mean don’t be patient. Or to not persevere. It means to spend quality time with quality people. Or quality time with a quality goal. If you spend too much time with the goals that mean the least to you, you won’t spend enough on the ones that mean the most.

Let me tell you a story to highlight this message.

Todd, a crop farmer, works 16 hours a day on his crops. Todd has various crops which all give him different yields.

Todd has noticed that his corn is his money maker. Every year, at Todds roadside stand, hundreds of people line up for his corn. His corn is sold all over the state. However, his tomatoes are some of the worst in the state.

After a while, Todd starts to become confident in his corn. He starts spending less and less time on his corn and more on his tomatoes.

He starts to realize that his corn is getting worse and worse and his customers aren’t happy. Soon, Todd is out of business. His tomatoes are average, but his corn is no longer sweet and delicious.

What did he do wrong? He started to waste time on something that wasn’t worth it. Todd got caught up with improving his weakness, and neglected his strength.

Often times we get caught up in our tomatoes and forget about our corn. So, to put this in context; focus on the important things. The skills which are your strengths. Don’t waste time worrying about your weaknesses.

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