Bull or Bear? Should You Care?

Last Friday I had an opportunity to share my ideas on crypto investing during BlockForum. It was a high quality crypto conference in a Northern European capital Vilnius. Thank Startup Division for organizing EU start-up ecosystem building programs Soft-Landing and Startup Lighthouse.

The aim of my presentation was to help the audience understand if they want to care about the bulls and bears of the crypto market.

Three main topics were covered:

  1. Structure of cryptoassets;
  2. Tools available for investing;
  3. Indicators to look at when investing short term.

Find the slides below:

Source: created by the author

The most important take-away:

94% of total crypto network value is accumulated in crypto currencies and platforms while only 6% of value is kept in crypto tokens — before building decentralized products, first we need a sound and reliable infrastructure.

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