This will end

There’s this brain trick that I hear once in a while to try to get yourself to focus on what matters. Here it is: Ask yourself what will matter in five years.

I’ve always loved that when I’ve read it. It makes me nod my head along and think about how little some of the stuff I care about will matter in five years. It makes me want to change some things, and do life differently. Here’s the problem though: It’s never really worked. I’ve never really found that thinking about this actually changes what I do today.

Here’s my alternative that moves me just a little bit more to take action: This will end.

Something about knowing that whatever I’m thinking about will end puts things in perspective.

If I’m worried about something silly at work, reminding myself that someday I’ll work somewhere else helps me.

When I’m spending sometime with someone I care about, remembering that these moments aren’t forever makes me appreciate them just a little bit more. (Makes me think about this, but that’s for another day).

It can help me get through hard stuff too: When I’m working out and I don’t want to anymore, I remember that it will end and I’ll be comfortably in my bed at the end of the day.

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