Humdrum Humming #5

God, I hate coffee! What’s not to like says half the population. Well, what’s to like. C’mon, seriously. And that hot coffee in Delhi. In pretentious autumn. Yuck. Anyway so a couple of people wanted to hit Starbucks at Select City. I would as usual wait till I could choose which smoothie best suited my unintellectual musings. I decided I would get there from the ministry after an interview with the tourism heads. Sheesh, what a coincidence I thought, thinking about how much tourism heads and I had in common. Talking about all the buzz around the idea of travelling here and there and everywhere and then ending up from GK to a small hatchet in Tilak Nagar everyday in the name of travel. Climbing the stairs from Tagore Garden’s metro station, I made fun of myself in my own head. Oh! the quirks, I sighed again at myself. This whole inner world is killing me. Roaring snarls and laughs followed from my external persona, while 3 aunties passed by spying on my apparently nefarious activities.

Half way through the ride onboard the metro, when you start counting the stops and keep repeating them diminishing the number of stops left, you know you’re out of control. Well, if you don’t and you doubt it, I’m telling you. You need a diversion my friend. Accept the goofy inner chides; nothing bites. Ooh that rhymes! Anyway. So I remembered looking at Thailand’s many catalogues at work. I saw some lovely pictures of lanterns floating in the water and the next few images were of people lighting lanterns and letting them drift away in the air. And they were floating high above.

As far as the eye could follow each one’s trail. It was beautiful. I had never done something like this before. Oh no no no, I am not in fact in Thailand. No, not so soon. I am only attending a Thai Festival of Lights organised by the embassy at some plush setting in Delhi. This is the magnificence of instant gratification. Well, sort of.

On the loop of yawning and pondering again, a few days after that story — post readying for print, publish etc., here I was counting the number of stops left from Jhandewalan. 4, no 5. No 4. No 5. Oh waow, now the train isn’t moving at all.

Would they rather sail than take the train in Bangkok I wondered. What about Pattaya? Ko Phi Phi? Chiang Mai? Chiang Rai? Catering to every eerie little question was my phone which now started hanging owing to the volume of eerieness. Some say questions and too many apps being open. But I highly contest that with my phone in question. I saw a message on Whatsapp in this hung state my phone was in.

“Peo-ple — vacat- Thailan — vember” If I had to savour this moment and know what was unravelling, I would just have to switch my phone off. Oh and get off the train. Mandi House and beyond.