Don Diablo burns UMF bridges with Singapore rant

Who is right and who is wrong?

To be fair, if you are a big star then you can throw all the tantrums you want. This is how Don Diablo kicks up a fuss over a flight delay.

The word is that he was entitled to come late due to a flight delay and that UMF should honor the deal they had even if he came late.

Now as a festival organiser, UMF has to keep all artiste in check. If one is late, then another can do the same.

For any big name DJ, time management is very imporant. You work hard to get your show on the road and bring a team of technical people who help to make these festival shows happen.

DJs normally have 3 people travelling with them to festivals, the technical rider is one and the stage and production folks make up the rest.

Technical riders are the unsung heroes of the festival circuits, they make sure all the CDJs are in order as well as the little thumb drive which you use to store the music, are the right ones to use. The mic has to work, and so has all the equipment.

The stage and production folks are in charge of the pyrotechnics and the video content that gets projected while you play a live set.

All this adds up to a fixed cost and DJs don’t make that much money at every gig to pay for all this.

Now Don has a team that travelled with him to UMF Singapore they all got delayed and instead of saying sorry, we can’t appear in time, Don goes on a rant for being threaten with no pay and in the following events burn bridges with all future Ultra festivals globally. He must be really confident that he is big enough to do this as UMF events are a staple around the world.

EDC is expanding to India, while UMF is cornering the market in Asia. So it really depends on who is playing the money game to afford not to hire you.

Don must be very confident to not play at UMF while he hinges his bets on EDC to expand into Asia.

A DJ is judged on his last gig. Sorry to say that UMF did the right thing to blow Don Diablo. Having a flight delay is your problem and not the event’s organizers. If you were a boss, and hired a part time worker who arrives late, you would fire his ass.

There is a consolidation on who gets on the festival circuit these days. UMF in Asia merged two events, Singapore and South Korea on the same weekend and swapping DJs to perform at the two locations. Tiesto played in Singapore on Saturday and closed the South Korean UMF festival on Sunday. No reason to use the same DJs unless you’re getting a discount.

Don burning bridges with UMF will only open the doors to other up and coming DJs to take his place.

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