EDM is about the music so let’s not diss the DJ

Once you are a famous DJ and music producer, you are allowed a lot of leeway to do stuff you want, and this includes not playing live.

Even pop stars lip sync during live shows so why can’t a DJ do the same thing once they have hit the jackpot with their careers?

I often read the comments about how exciting a DJ set was and how it could possibly be the show that was perfect to start to finish. I also read the comments about other DJs dissing out their two cents about the craft, and how the superstars like Axwell or Ingrosso are ripping fans off with preset playlist where they become nothing more that knob jockeys, turning filter passes just to make it sound live.

So let’s be clear. When you are famous, the sets can be identical as proven by Armin’s set this year.

Is Armin getting lazy?

But of course, who doesn’t want fame to do the work for them?

So for all you craft DJs who diss famous ones, man you are out of place.

No one cares about a craft DJ. These folks play at weddings, birthdays and probably at Taiwan funerals where loud music and dancing girls are the rage.

When people diss DJs, and say they are better than them because they beat mix life, scratch, do mash ups live and even finger drum on stage are clearly mistaken. Truth be told, no one cares except for the music. The playlist you create is what matters when you are a DJ superstar like Armin Van Buuren.

I think Armin can well afford to be lazy on set. His name alone sells and he’s got charisma on stage. What’s more his confidence is infectious. He can play a preset playlist and still make it look like he is doing it live.

The dead giveaway if the set is playlisted is the lights and synced fireworks and lasers. No famous DJ wants to play a live set these days as the show organizers need time to prepare the accompanying light show. When you do what you want without a playlist, it is trouble for the show organizers.

DJs don’t use controllers at these shows, they don’t scratch or do live mash ups because there is always a chance of it going wrong and affecting the whole set. This is why when you are this big, you don’t do live stunts like finger drumming. I have yet to see any of the big acts do this.

The other thing is that people who come to your sets are not the same as those who go to discos or dance parties. They come to listen to YOUR music and you do not need to be appease a crowd like in a club or party. When you are big, you play your own brand of music.

For Armin’s case, he’s a progressive house and Trance DJ. He’s been playing less Trance music these days no doubt but this is no fault of his.

For example German DJ, Solumun plays only Deep House. He has his own followers who loves what he does. He doesn’t play the other genres of music since he’s into the deep beats. And yes, he charges five to six figures for each appearance. The reason why he’s so good at what is does is simple. He works on creating a playlist that has to be experienced.

Craft DJs have to work all types of gigs, and the best example of someone who does this is Laidback Luke. He mixes sets on the fly and fly depending on the audience he plays for. I am not a fan of his but he is the old style of doing live music mixes is very dated. Laidback Luke is a star in his own right but I have to give it to him, he is very talented on the DJ console. And he can play in any venue because he reads people on the dance floor to see what they want. He still gets booked world wide and though not in the same league as the other big names, like Tiesto, Skrillex or Calvin Harris, Laidback Luke still has a following.

You don’t find Joel of Deadmau5 fame doing this. He plays what the fuck he wants and each set is different. But he plays his own brand of music. No different than you going to Justin Beiber concert to listen to him (Joel will hate this comparison but hey, that’s the truth) sing as that’s what you want. You don’t go to a rock concert to listen to some EDM.

Eric Prydz’s live EPIC show is playlisted too. How else can you get the laser show to work?

So for all of you out there who love to diss these famous DJs for not being able to beat match or become console knob jockeys, I rest my case. Keep you opinions to yourself as no one in the world would give a fuck as these folks are famous and are entitled to do what they want in a show.