We do a lot of testing today. Unit testing, integration testing, end to end testing. While a comprehensive test coverage is good, it does come with some additional costs, especially when different types of testing are mostly isolated and use totally different toolchains. …

think twice before adding any complexities to your project

It was a year ago when I started an internal tool project called “integration CLI”, which was a command line tool for setting up a complete environment for the product we’re working on and later run tests against this environment.

The tool was built in nodejs. Coming from a background…

Recent days I just wrote an active record extension to make cache optimization easier for company.
I realized it’s a useful tool and publish it as a gem might be a good idea.
So I start writing the gem ‘acts_as_method_cacheable’ yesterday afternoon, and I found it’s an interesting journey. …

Performance is always a bottleneck for rails apps. Why?
Maybe calling a method in other active records is way too easy, so we’re apt to call more, and delegate more.
But call and delegate is not free, it’s db operations under the hood, which are expensive.
Besides that, it’s very common that we…

While browsing code these days, reading some wonderful pieces and some awful lines, some thoughts came into my mind.

Let’s start from some code smells first.

Smell 1 — Hide complexity/detail in a bad way

Case 1:


What does it mean here? I have no choice but follow to the actual check_beauty method to see what happens. …

Zhenhua Cao

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