What Do You Do Apart from Go to Parties Like This? (part 3)

When I was a kid a friend’s dad said, “There are movies before Blade Runner and after Blade Runner,” and he said it like James Lipton might, which was weird for this dad in particular, so it stuck out in my mind like his one great line in a script. I had just seen the movie for the first time, so all my suspicions were confirmed, which led to the obvious conclusion that there are two types of people in the world: Blade Runner people and Star Wars people; it’s well known you can like them both but not equally. Harrison Ford having a lead in both seems like some odd Illuminati accident, like they changed their mind on controlling the trajectory of culture at the last minute and just kept both versions out of laziness.

Coincidentally, I had a two-week argument (done through email) with a professor in college about the various versions of Blade Runner; as you may know, the American and European releases were different, and now, of course, it’s easy to see all the cut scenes. It made me wonder whether Americans are still interested in the fear of “the call is coming from inside the house,” which to me, is still civilization’s ultimate worry in my lifetime. The phone (all kinds) has been the perfect invader of your personal space, eyes, ears, and the last, already clear, meat-puppet frontier is bodies, for instance, if you accidentally had sex with a replicant, which I assume is possible; maybe we’ll have to wait for the sequel to know for sure.

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