What Do You Do Apart from Go to Parties Like This? (part 4)

Every once in a while you run into someone who has the goal of seeing every movie or hearing every song by X, or has some similar collection ongoing. A lot of times they’ve only done the first one and are into the idea of maxing out, collapsing at the end, and raising their finger on a stretcher as they’re carted off the field. I guess these casual challenges used to be more difficult, and, consequently, accomplishing them earned you a kind of badge or gold ring from a company.

But now, with free and easy access to most things (not including climbing mountains etc.) these types of tasks become either much easier or much more difficult: easier since most full catalogs are free or cheap enough but more difficult since they’ll always be digging up deleted scenes, scrapped b-sides, or discarded paintings.

It’s like blues music in 2015; my first response is how in the hell can the average person today pretend to related to it. In private I even feel like I’m not allowed to listen to blues music from before 1950 for some reason; however, currently it’s just as easy for people to have the Spinal Tap experience of knowing all the “original Indonesian music” and not the stolen, arena rock, edited version people were often stuck with until recently (unless you were a rare record collector with tons of resources, connections, and encyclopedic knowledge). I feel like Morgan Freeman doesn’t care about how much money you have, the color of people’s skin, or what job they do to survive as long as you’re into it, and he’d probably put together a filthy innuendo about when preachers stop in to his club out in the Delta and it ends up on the popular page on Vine, which he is totally OK with.