America Needs a War

I will be the first advocate for diplomacy over militancy, and I will also be the first to admit that the title is a “hot take” but there is a truth in it.

The United States is divided in ways that almost no one regardless of party can put into words. It is obvious that everyday we become more divided. You can’t watch a certain news station without automatically being pinned as a conservative or a liberal, then being praised or in some way marginalized for it. It’s similar to the hype for a McGregor vs. Mayweather fight, but it won’t end on August 26th. Along with the fact that it actually affects lives. What bothers me the most is that politicians, our “leaders” allow for this to happen. Trump said today explicitly that he wanted Obamacare to fail. In other words he wanted 1/7th of the American economy to collapse all because…his party was right. (or he could blame the other side). At the same time democrats for the last 8 years have done nothing to fix the ACA, so that they could watch the Republicans fail at “repealing and replacing”. I would like to remind those Democrats that 20 million people are still uninsured and there are counties in the country that are losing providers one by one. But yeah, lets sit here and point the finger across the aisle instead of fighting for people’s right to insurance.

All that debate has led me to ask a lot about what will truthfully unify the country. What will make people realize that partisanship is much less important then the country as a whole? The truth is I have absolutely no idea (kinda).

Before I go into this, it needs to be clear I’m not advocating for militant action or war of any kind, but when I looked back at the history of the United States, the country was most unified in post world war 2 and world war 1 (kinda). The idea of “nothing brings together people like a common enemy” is valid. But there is something deeper in war.

When my great-grandfather got on his ship to go to Normandy, he was with Americans from every possible decent, every political view, every state, and nearly every different experience one 19 year old could have. But, they all kept each other alive because they all looked at each other as soldiers rather then an enemy or someone who dissented away from their own beliefs. Part of that unification is the common cause, however a lot of it can be contributed to the idea that we are all the same. We all are human, and the overwhelming majority just want to live happy lives. As inhumane as war is, it shines a bright light on humanity. If you look at post World War 2, Immigrants were a lot more accepted. The Civil Rights Movement started to take off soon after the war. Its hard not to think that some of that understanding came from the empathy gained in the war. Sure, there was definitely opposition to immigrants and to African-Americans. But ultimately many veterans and many in the homefront realized that we are all equal. We all are American and ultimately we all want the same things. If we can somehow find that understanding without a war, without a tragedy, without carnage, then we are going to be okay. But we need to find that.