Day 10

7:30 pm

A crazy idea that might not be crazy.

I’m frustrated to say the least. I’m 16, so voting is not happening for me this year. It’s not so much that I have this invigorating motive to vote for a candidate rather then just the idea and the power behind it. I understand there has to be a threshold for the age at which people can vote, but ultimately the implications of this election will affect me and any other kid in America much more then an adult voting.

The counterargument is easy, kids don’t care about politics and they are unable to grasp the concepts of government….Look at the two candidates we have for president. One is just rude in unprecedented ways making terrible claims about sexual assault and women. While the other has scandals about emails, Benghazi, and now a connection to a guy who had a sexting scandal and has the last name Wiener (which leads back to the email scandal). The point is there both a mess and truthfully, if we had young people voting in this election, we may be seeing Bernie right now. If kids don’t grasp the concepts of government and politics, please try to explain how these two candidates elected by adults exemplifies the idea that adults do understand it.

There is a partisan view of this in that younger people tend to vote democrat. It makes sense theoretically, young people are concerned with social issues, they worry about gay marriage and abortion more then they care about the economy, or national defense. So in a Republican majority congress, there is an incentive to not even consider it, if it were to be considered at all.

I guess my last point is if the American people are generally uneducated about government, why should I as a 16 year old, in AP government and has a pretty solid grasp of government be denied the right to vote?

Ultimately, once you give one the right to vote, taking that right away is nearly impossible, and if allowing kids to vote messed up the whole political process, then it would be messed up forever.

Just another rant. Tomorrow is a week from Election Day.