Day 23

9:58 pm

Why the Electoral College should not be changed.

I get it, your upset over Clinton winning the popular vote but losing the electoral. I understand that. But the electoral college should not be changed.

First off, go out and vote. If your not voting stop making this argument entirely, because quite frankly any political arguement made by someone who has the right to vote and didn’t, is invalid.

Secondly, these protests are happening in places where the banishing of the electoral college would benefit the individuals. That’s ultimately why it’s being heard. Along with help from Mike Dukakis, and other democrats. But here’s the deal. If you eliminate the electoral college. Only places of high population matter. That means that the farmers of the Midwest, and of any rural town around this country is automatically forgotten. The small mill towns, blue collar industrial towns, forgotten. The small towns as a whole are forgotten. Yet those three identities of America, are nearly its core. America was built on the Jefferson farm, and the Madisonian industrial towns. That is what America is. The value of the cities although important, only accredits a portion of the American people. To add onto that point, campaign money is only spent in cities…thus meaning industry in cities (which is already booming) continues to boom. Not being spent in small towns, at local mom and pop coffee shops, or wherever.

Am I biased because I live in a small town, maybe yes. But heres one thing that definitely will not change the electoral college. 3/4 of States would have to ratify the new amendment. That means 38 states would have to vote yes. That would mean, 26 states with less then 15 electoral votes, would have to vote in favor (in most cases against the power of their state) of popular vote. That would be nearly impossible to do.

So for right now. The Electoral college is going no where.