The firing of Comey is just the start.

I heard about the firing on a TV in a McDonalds after a lacrosse game. I turned immediately to one of my teammates who is a strong progressive and we were just shocked. Why would Donald Trump fire the man who single-handedly may have given him the election? It just made no sense.

Looking at it 5 days later, the only conclusion I have found was that Trump needs to cover something up. But I can’t seem to believe that. I can not seem to grasp my head around someone being just that stupid. Trump knew the firing would be a story, he knew the outrage would occur. So after all that I look at this situation shaking my head. Is Trump an absolute idiot or is this all calculated into his master plan? For Trump to fire the head of the FBI during an investigation into his own campaign points almost directly to the idea of a coverup. It doesn’t take much to understand that.

Even if there is no coverup, and Trump did just fire him, what he is doing, is taking away any credibility for the Department of Justice. James Comey was not the Attorney General, but the FBI is the poster child of justice. It’s Hollywood’s personification of Justice, and as unfair as that may be to department, its how things work. If the American People don’t trust the FBI, if they feel it is biased or in someway fraudulent, then the entire justice system is nearly on the brink of collapsing.

It would be no surprise to me, if we watch the Republicans push through any legislation they can in the next months, then get rid of Trump. The question for Republicans is what is the line where our party agendas are more powerful then the system itself. At what point do they see that shift occur.

Regardless it is the instability of his presidency that will take down Trump. It will be millions of Americans at the polls and not a McDonalds shaking their heads, because what he has done repeatedly, does not make sense.