Interaction Design Sprint

Ideas to motivate users to engage with the app

In this interaction design sprint we set out to create an app that helps urban dwellers help researchers by providing them with data about bird nests around the city. We thought about the data that researchers would want to use — such as nest size, height in the tree, color, and materials. We wanted it to be easy for users to submit that information. We also had to keep in mind the feature requirements given to us, and had to map out how users would find everything easily so that they wouldn’t get frustrated from using the app. We also wanted to keep the users coming back by providing some value in our product. We did all of this so that after the app is finally produced, it isn’t easily changed — so finding the best interaction flow at this stage was best.

I tried to make the prototype more presentable

Problems I faced

One of the toughest parts of the project was finding a way or ways to keep the user finding more nests. We thought that it would help to have a community of nest finders that you could connect with and work together with. This sense of connection, we thought, would be a major driver towards user engagement in the app.

What I learned

I found that my favorite part of this project was being able to think about the goals that our project had, and I enjoyed creating ideas that solved these goals. I also enjoyed seeing those ideas materialize into a working prototype that my friends could use and give feedback on. I loved seeing their reactions and getting their feedback. I feel like I could just keep working on it until we had a working app that users liked.

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