Teeth Straightening is More Than Cosmetic

While many people are inspired to visit an orthodontist in Richmond Hill to seek out teeth straightening options to improve appearances, the benefits go far beyond cosmetics. When a Richmond Hill orthodontist works with patients to gradually straighten teeth using traditional metal braces or the Invisalign technique, overall oral health is likely to benefit, as well.

A Richmond Hill Invisalign provider will work with patients to create a customized treatment plan meant to bring a smile gently and gradually into alignment. If Invisalign isn’t recommended, traditional braces with brackets and bands may be used instead. Choosing either path to straighten teeth is recommended for these reasons and more if teeth do not already have proper alignment:

· Better gum health — When teeth are crowded, gapped or suffer from an overbite or underbite, properly cleaning and caring for the gums may prove to be very difficult. This difficulty may help promote gum disease and other concerns that could, if left unchecked, jeopardize long-term dental health. A Richmond Hill orthodontic specialist can address each of these issues to help promote a healthier mouth and a more pleasing smile. Should an over- or underbite be a concern, an orthodontist may work in conjunction with an oral surgeon Richmond Hill provider to achieve the goal of providing a patient with healthier alignment.

· Improved health of the teeth — Overcrowding is a very big concern that can lead to long-term dental problems. When teeth grow in too closely or overlap each other, proper cleaning is practically impossible even with daily flossing and routine professional cleanings. Addressing this concern by gradually moving teeth into a pattern of proper spacing simply makes it easier to maintain health and prevent cavities. An orthodontist in Richmond Hill can readily address overlaps with traditional braces or Invisalign.

· Improved confidence — When a smile is crooked, crowded or displays gaps, people tend to face self-esteem issues, as well. Working with an orthodontist in Richmond Hill can help patients gain the smile they’re after while improving confidence in the process.

While cosmetics matter to many who seek out a Richmond Hill orthodontist, the benefits of straightening the teeth do go well beyond. When proper alignment is achieved, overall dental health tends to improve and so does the ability for a patient to maintain it.

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