An Ode to the Delly Airball

Delly how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

You shoot the ball with the confidence of Ray Allen and every jumper is an adventure. I couldn’t find any Bucks clips of this poetic car crash that is Delly’s jumper, but it looks exactly the same in green and cream. In fact, it’s looked the same his entire career.

His form isn’t terrible, and it’s certainly not the worst shot in the league. This makes the Delly air ball such a beautiful mystery. It’s as if you see Sasquatch and he happens to have Ryan Gosling’s ravishingly good looks. Matty D’s three point percentage (.363) is slightly above league average this year (.359) so we’ll call Delly an “adequate” three point shooter.

This decent three point shot is why I get so excited anytime Giannis Inspector-Gadget’s his way down the court and feeds a wide open Matthew Dellavedova sitting in the corner for an easy three. I begin to raise my metaphorical three goggles until Delly cocks back and I remember the game of Russian Roulette that is Delly taking a jumpshot. These goggles then get metaphorically smashed on the floor and ground into the dirt after watching the ball sail wide of the hoop once again.

Despite being marginally better than league average this season from outside of the arc, his field goal percentage is not great. League average is currently .456 and Delly is sitting at .394. For his career Delly is sitting at .395 FG% and .391 3FG% so at least the guy is consistently okay no matter where he’s shooting?

As a player who has made his name off of grit and hustle and determination to succeed, it baffles me that Delly does not have a better jump shot. I mean, FFS, the second half of his commercial is him practicing jumpers in a gym! (Still amazed and astounded that he got a shoe deal. Apparently they’re gonna sell like hot cakes in Australia but damn Delly a $120 price point? I wanted to rep your kicks here in good old ‘Sconnie but not for that price. I could get 300 cans of Old Milwaukee for that amount of money.)

I like Matty D. I’m glad the Bucks signed him, and I think he brings a lot of good things to the table. His defense is excellent, he passes the ball well, Giannis says he’s the best teammate he’s ever had, and no one questions his hustle and love for the game. But it would also be excellent if his jumper didn’t pass through the Bermuda triangle every time he cocked back to shoot.

But at the end of the day, shooter gonna shoot. And Delly is a 6'3" guy from Australia who’s only offer was from St. Mary’s. He not only made it to the association as an undrafted free agent, he won an NBA title and is now making almost $10 mil a year. I’d say he shot his shot and won.