A good content strategist examines a brand’s digital space and works out what to fill it with. In our eyes, anything digital is content. Games, videos, words, art – you name it.

Content strategy, then, becomes the process of realizing digital and UX strategies as real-world pieces of content, as experiences, as the things our users touch, read, watch and play with.

It’s the nature of our trade. After all, content exists on a spectrum of experience, not in a vacuum. It can only work when it’s sensibly coupled with everything else.

The argument that content is part of a broader experience is by no means new. But in acknowledging this, it begs the question of what content strategy actually is.

When we move towards the idea that content strategy is more about cohering experiences than content itself, we start to see that ‘content strategy’ is something of a misnomer.

Content strategists are only content strategist in the same way as designers are pixel strategists. What we’re really doing is architecting bigger digital interactions using bits of content as our building blocks.

Content Strategist at Facebook.

Content Strategist at Facebook.