With working remotely, you have freedom.

Ha Long Bay where I went to

With working remotely, you have freedom. You can travel and work in an environment you like. You don’t have to depend on location or an office. But you have to gain trust from your employer and be good at communication. Actually, you may have to work harder, longer and even reply to emails quicker than if you were working in the office. Because your boss doesn't see you everyday so you have to try to work better than working in the office. Sometimes, you will feel isolated and bored when your colleges are not around. It’s difficult at the beginning but if you can do well, your freedom is worth all your hard works.

Where to work

You obviously need a nice quiet place to work. You can work from home but you may get distractions from kids, wife… And if you don’t have a proper office at home, sometimes you feel you are mixing your work and life together. It does save time when working at home as less time for commuting but you may come straight from your bed to a table to work and back to bed right straight after working. You may feel be isolated and don’t breathe enough fresh air.

Nice coffee shops are alternatives. Some coffee shops are quiet enough to work and you still feel excited with people around you. It’s cheap and you just pay for drinks. Some coffee shops have fast internet but most of them have slow ones.

A co-working place is suitable when you really need to concentrate on your work without distractions from places as coffee shops. You have your own table and nice environment. You are also belong to a community where you can meet some exciting people from all fields. Some of them are freelancers or from another countries. In Hanoi(where I’m living), there are a couple of good co-working places such as Clickspace, Hub.IT, WorkRoomFour…

Tools For Works

I just need a laptop, a book, a pen and a headphone. My office is in my backpack. Most of my documents are online. I’m embracing online tools such as: Skype, GoogleHangout, Sqwiggle for chatting and voice conferencing; Trello for collaboration; Google Doc, MicrosoftDrive or Dropbox, Box for sharing documents; some other project management tools and of course Emails.

Most of these tools are free and I’m trying using online things as much as I can. It’s much easier to work as a team when needed and you can use them with any laptop. You just need a decent internet connection.

Working and Travelling

I always fancy about working by the ocean. I did do the trips to Ha Long city(300 kms from Hanoi, Vietnam). The only difficulty is finding a good internet connection. Most of the hotels in Halong don’t have internet connection speed above 6Mbps. I called to the Internet Service Provider in Ha Long city but couldn’t find any information. So I ran around to ask hotels or coffee shops and tested the internet speed myself as they had no idea about something like optical fiber. It took a lot of time but finally I found a small hotel with 8Mbps internet connection and a coffee shop with the similar internet speed. If you travel out of big cities, you should prepare for working with slow internet.

What important when working remotely

Respect yourself, your professional, your work, your boss. If you’re lazy or cheating, you disgrace yourself and will never have your freedom.

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