Some Other Best TV Episodes Of The Century

Andy Herrera
Aug 1, 2018 · 3 min read

Looking — “Looking For The Future”

An evocative portrait of two gay men, and their hopes, fears, and desires.

You’re The Worst — “LCD Soundsystem”

Pure emotional despair when you should by all accounts be happy has never been rendered so well.

Nathan For You — “Smokers Allowed”

Strangely moving, surreal, Nathan Fielder at his most ingeniously mundane.

Please Like Me — “Natural Spring Water”

The best episode of Girls that Girls never aired.

Atlanta — “Value”

Desperation and failure perfectly rendered. Whiteface is always funny.

Braindead — “The Power of Euphemism: How Torture Became a Debate in US Politics”

The only television episode I’ve seen wrestle with the legacy of Jack Bauer, and does so with scathing black comedy.

Casual — “The Great Unknown”

The best episode of Six Feet Under that Six Feet Under never aired.

New Girl — “Cooler”

The sitcom kiss of my generation.

The Americans — “Stingers”

The beginning of the end for the Jennings, Holly Taylor’s shining moment.

Better Off Ted — “Racial Sensitivity”

Best non-Enlightened corporate satire, with a razor sharp focus on corporate race relations.

Happy Endings — “Party of Six”

The best episodic farce I’ve seen on television. The Mary Tyler Moore joke is my favorite sitcom joke of all time.

Enlightened — “The Ghost Is Seen”

A perfect portrait of loneliness.

Six Feet Under — “Perfect Circles”

Choosing to live even though life is relentlessness punishing (and the punishing is often self-inflicted), the thesis of the series.

Bob’s Burgers — “Hawk & Chick”

Like The Simpsons, the best Bob’s Burgers episodes are the father/daughter ones.

Andy Herrera

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Probably thinking about the hit NBC show/Subway commercial Chuck (critic + writer)

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