Shout out Tuesday: Lisa Deis

Pimpin on the beach… in December

This week’s shout out goes to Ms Lisa Deis who was also Fulda Foundation alum from the 2014 trip. Lisa and I initially met way back in 2009 actually while I was still in the military in Iraq no less. Her job in the military directly supported my unit’s mission so we crossed paths pretty regularly. As we got to know each other I began to see a lot of similarities in our back story. The more I got to know her the more I respected her for who she is and what she has had to endure.

Lisa has roots in Colorado and KC and very early on had to deal with some ups and downs in her life. In her teens she ended up becoming a parent sooner than she expected. Eventually she met a guy and was married for several years. However, the marriage did not go as Hollywood romances go and Lisa was divorced with a child in her late 20's. Lisa decided to do what was best for her and her child and enlisted in the Army. This meant her family taking care of her son while she completed training to get certified in her job. A crazy sacrifice for betterment of ones family in long run.

Back in Berlin in 2009

Finally getting to her duty station Lisa excelled ahead of her peers and made rank pretty fast. When I met her she was the same rank as I was with less time in the Army, and I got promoted relatively fast. What really stood out was Lisa’s work ethic and her ability to try new things in her job.

Eventually I left the military and we kept in touch over the years. Lisa has become one of my better friends from my military days and she knows tons about me I wish she didn’t. :) What admire most about Lisa is that she is straight shooter that has overcome adversity and turned her life around. She is a great friend who will call you out on your bullshit when needed and also be a great listener as required. Gotta admire someone that never makes excuses and can be counted on when needed the most.

Lisa is continuing to defy the odds and will be attending John Hopkins University this year in DC to attend grad school for advanced international studies. Keep on proving people wrong and glad to have known you these last few years. Very proud to call her a close friend…


PS What do you think will come first, a royals world series or a grandchild? :P (Lisa’s son is in college after a four stint in Marine Corps)

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