I am extremely excited to announce XOXCO has agreed to be acquired by Microsoft.

When Katie Spence and I started this company, the idea of chatbots and other talking computers was just beginning to get attention in the tech world. We found a developer ecosystem hungry for resources — searching for tools, tutorials, or well-defined best practices. It was like the early days of the web…an exciting wild west of new technology and fresh opportunity!

With that in mind, we set out to help fill the world with friendly, helpful robots. We asked ourselves, “What if we could give people…

This web bot can be customized by just chatting with it!

Today we are announcing that Botkit can now be used to create conversational apps and AI-powered agents for the web, without any external messaging platforms, using Botkit Anywhere.

We have a vision of a conversational software future where people will interact naturally with connected services of all types. It isn’t about the narrow field of “enterprise bots.” It is about a paradigm shift towards software that is context-aware, multi-modal, and integrated into normal human life in a way that traditional user interfaces just can’t be.

The bots we’ve been talking about for the last few years most often live inside other apps like Slack and Facebook Messenger. If your goal is getting things done in Slack, there are a plethora of amazing bots ready to help you. But…

For the first time, we are offering bot makers a fully integrated set of tools for designing, building, launching and measuring their bot.

Today’s launch includes our multi-platform conversational content management system, a brand new and expanded set of analytics tools including custom dashboards, user segmenting, conversation path analysis, and retention reports, and a deep integration with everyone’s new favorite hosting platform Glitch!

Botkit Studio is now available to everyone who wants to build bots of any type or scale!

We see developers building bots of all sorts with Botkit. Apps for the Slack app store like BubbleIQ. Apps for Facebook messenger like Ask Mona. Apps by big enterprise software vendors like Concur. …

Today, we’re announcing full support for Microsoft Teams in Botkit, bringing the most comprehensive and widely adopted suite of bot development tools to this exciting enterprise platform.

Botkit already powers tens-of-thousands of bots and custom integrations. Our thriving open source library recently welcomed its 150th code contributor, and our community has created more than 40 plugins that connect developers and their bots to a wide network of NLP/NLU platforms, database systems, and other APIs.

When adding a new platform to Botkit, our goal is to make the process of building bots as friendly, straight-forward and fun as possible. We want…

Howdy is acquiring Botmetrics, an analytics service and CRM tool that works with apps built for Slack, Facebook, Kik and Google Home

Our goal at Howdy is to provide the best experience and tools for designing, developing and operating conversational software. By adding Botmetrics to our suite of tools and services, we can offer our customers not only the building blocks necessary to design and develop their bot, but the integrated analytics and customer intelligence tools that every successful bot needs.

3, 2, 1… LIFTOFF 🚀

When we started Howdy, there were very few tools or resources available to people interested in building bots, so we set about to build them and get them into the hands of other developers. …

We are excited to announce that Botkit Studio, our premium IDE for building and managing Botkit bots, now adds Cisco Spark to our list of supported platforms!

Sign up for a free account today at https://studio.botkit.ai/signup

The new Botkit Studio functionality opens up a whole new set of tools to developers making bots for Cisco Spark, including content management, hosting solutions and NLP integrations. Best of all, Botkit Studio is completely interoperable with the open-source Botkit codebase.

Botkit Studio allows users to author and manage bot scripts in a web-based graphical interface that reflects the latest platform-specific UI elements in a conversational manner.

Botkit Studio now come with Microsoft’s AI built-in!

Today, we’re launching a new integration between Botkit Studio and Microsoft LUIS. With this integration enabled, developers can seamlessly use LUIS’ natural language processing service in their bot and in the bot building tools provided by Botkit.

Try it now >

Natural language processing is an important component of the bot building stack, but using NLP is not as easy as using a database or content management system. NLP systems don’t do anything until they’ve been filled with training data and taught to recognize relevant information. They are black boxes— input come in and output comes out, but there is…

A common pattern in bots is collecting information by asking a series of questions, then storing the answers in a user’s profile. This might happen during interactions like the on-boarding of a new bot app, or as part of a profile creation experience when joining a new Slack team.

In this brief developer tutorial, you will learn how to implement this type of functionality in your own bot, using Botkit Studio. In the end, you’ll have a real bot that you can continue to customize and use on your team!

To follow along, you will need:

One of the super useful things a bot can do is quickly look up information for a user, and send the results as a response. Imagine if you had a bot that could look up bug reports for you, or a bot that can check the status of orders for your customers. Most of these features follow a similar pattern, one that we’ll demonstrate how to build yourself in this tutorial.

You will learn how to implement a simple data-powered conversation in your own bot, using Botkit Studio. …

We are excited to launch our support of Slack’s latest product, Slack Enterprise Grid, which brings the power of Slack to organizations of any shape or size. The latest version of our open source development tool is ready today with seamless, full support for this exciting new environment for bots. Bots already built on Botkit will work on new Grid-enabled teams without any changes — all that is required is a painless upgrade to our library.

Start here, with our preconfigured starter project that includes everything you need to build a bot for your team, or get to work on…

Ben Brown

I’m a designer and technologist in Austin, Texas. I co-founded XOXCO in 2008.

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