The Fifth Phase

The Phases


The Fifth Phase — Thucydides Trap

Bitcoin needs you

  1. The study and explanation of each Global Reserve Currency transition. What happened, why, what could have been done differently and the friction points. What can we learn from this as we push for Bitcoin to become the next Global Reserve Currency.
  2. A deep dive into how I think Bitcoin will be attacked. What tools have Governments and bad actors implemented before to break currencies? Will they work on Bitcoin? What work have various Nations done already to track, control or monitor Bitcoin that would allow a crack down? What actions have the US Government in particular taken when faced with challenger currencies/systems. Civil War, the fight between those pro Bitcoin Regulation/Bitcoin Holder registration and those pro freedom and privacy.
  3. What we need.
  1. Luka Magnotta Reddit
  2. Plan B Stock to Flow Cross Asset Model
  3. Stephan Livera Podcast 171 Plan B and Saifedean Ammous — Bitcoin S2FX, S2F, and Evolution From Colletible to Financial Asset
  4. Bitcoin Stock-to-Flow Cross Asset Model Works Well on Housing —
  5. USD M0 money supply
  6. Brad Sherman comments on Bitcoin challenging the US hegemony




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