3 Reasons To Consider Jesus

It is amazing how little people, nowadays, know about Jesus; actually know. They may have some vague ideas of who he was, what he did, but some people don't even know that he is the central character of Christmas and Easter! He is! Those are Christian holidays!

I offer you three reasons for getting to know him better.

He is at the foundation of our civilization

Christianity is all about Jesus. It is founded on his life and teachings. And Christianity probably has been the most important shaping force of Western Civilization. In the first two centuries Christianity swept over the Roman Empire and by the fourth century it became its official religion. Since then it has shaped life in all its aspects.

Our galleries and museums are filled with paintings and other artwork that depict Jesus in his life and death, that depict the stories he has told. Thousands of books have been written about him and an impressive number of movies, even musicals, have been made about his life and death.

His teachings are both simple to understand and profound

Jesus was fond of using every day examples to clarify his teachings. Even now many of those examples speak plainly. When he compared himself to a good shepherd, he simply said that a good shepherd lays down his life for his sheep. Anyone can understand that.

And yet, behind that simple image, there is a world of meaning.

Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were shepherds. David was a shepherd. Jesus was not the first to employ that image, you'll find it with many prophets. It all adds layers of meaning to the simple image Jesus used.

He did something unique

But when Jesus said that he was the good shepherd, he implied that he himself would lay down his life for his sheep, his followers. He did it when he told the soldiers that came to arrest him: 'If is is me you want, let these — his followers — go free.'

Se he got arrested. His followers fled. Peter, at first, tried to stay close to his master but when confronted he denied he had anything to do with that Jesus. And after Jesus was crucified, they all hid behind closed doors in fear of the Jews.

And then, all of a sudden, 7 weeks later, Peter stands in front of an enormous crowd and he is no longer afraid. All he can talk about is Jesus.

Why? Why is he no longer afraid? Because Jesus was no longer dead. Jesus had come back to life. Death was not the end for him. And it is all Peter can talk about: God has resurrected this Jesus. We are all witnesses of this.

Only a miracle of that magnitude could have changed those scared, hiding men into brave witnesses who even dare to accuse their fellow Jews of having crucified him. And to shake the world with their testimony of a man who died and was raised from the dead by God.

Don't you think it is worth while to get to know this Jesus better? Try reading one of his biographies, the one written by John for instance.

Just try it!