3 Ways to Kill Hype in your Marketing

Dictionary.com defines Hype as follows…

To intensify (advertising, promotion, or publicity) by ingenious or questionable claims, methods, etc.

Hype is simply a claim you can’t prove in your marketing.

Not to be confused with the kinda hype the Mayweather vs MacGregor fight had for instance.

If you’re using hype in your marketing, take advice from “Mr Wonderful” on Shark Tank.

Take it out behind the barn and shoot it.


We live in the age of skepticism.

If your prospect even catches a slight whiff of hype, they’re gone for good.
(However, you can’t bore people into buying)

This is a big problem if you’re a copywriter who was taught to hand copy old ads too. 
Most of them were packed to the gills with hype.

Go ahead, read a Eugene Schwartz ad and count how many exclamation points he uses.

So the first thing you should do naturally is to stop using damn exclamation points!

Here are two more great ways to slay hype…

The first is the use of SPECIFICS.

You can use specific results like this…

Your golf swing improvement product lets you hit the ball further?

How about your golf product helps you hit the ball 37.2 yards further on average, without changing their swing.

You can also use specific demographics, like this…

Your diet product helps people lose weight?

How about your diet product helps women aged 30–45 with children get back the body they had in their early 20's.

Finally you can use…CASE STUDIES!

They’re a perfect way to subliminally sell your prospect…

All you’re doing is writing a story about your customers and how they had a problem which you solved.

People tend to find case studies much more believable than standard advertising and marketing material.
It’s kinda like “humble bragging” — with a soft sell at the end.

The best part is EVERY kind of business can use case studies.
From Space X all the way to the mom and pop restaurant down your street.

Most businesses screw them up royally because they’re full of dull, boring technical information. 
Like any story, your case study needs human interest. It needs to entertain, inform and persuade.

As luck would have it, I’m offering case study writing as a service now.

How it works is simple…We get on a quick call to see if we’re a fit. Then I contact your best clients, ask them a few questions, and come back with a polished case study within 5 business days.

If that sounds interesting to you, just shoot an email to me at ben@benbyrnemedia.com to with the subject line “case study” and I’ll get you more information.

Hopefully this helps.



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