Who wins in a fight? Salesmen or Copywriter?

If we were just talkin’ about a pure physical fight, most salesmen would beat the living daylights out of scrawny copywriters..


I’m talkin about a business fight.

AKA who would make more sales. More cashola?

In the red trunks you have Matt, the star salesmen. This bad hombre can close just about anyone. He knows all the techniques and tactics that go along with being an effective salesmen.

And in the blue trunks you have Gary the feeble copywriter. Gary’s glasses are so thick, you’re worried he might accidentally walk into a pole. He has a secret weapon up his sleeve though, he knows direct response marketing.

Ding ding ding! They circle each other…Matt catches Gary square in the jaw with two jabs and a right cross.

Matt the salesmen is off to a quick start, he’s already closing sales, while Gary has just launched his advertising campaign.

Gary regains his composure and launches his own flurry of punches, pummeling Matt into the corner.

Matt isn’t phased, though. He tastes victory…sales are coming in left and right. He’s on fire! He’s a closing machine!

What he doesn’t know is that Gary doesn’t need to close everybody, in fact, he knows he can’t.

The only thing Gary can focus on is converting just 1 to 3% of his audience into buyers.

While Matt has to close between 50–75% of people he talks to…

…Who wins at the end of the day? Matt might close every person he talks to that day. Maybe it’s 50 people. Maybe it’s 100. Either way, it’s a lot of time and energy (aka work) to talk to that many people.

Unfortunately Gary’s advertisement only converted 1% of people who saw it into buyers…

Unfortunately for Matt that is.

1,000,000 people saw the ad. That’s 1000 sales.

I’m not saying advertising and direct response copywriting makes salesmen and women irrelevant, they will always be needed…
The thing is, individuals all vary wildly in their behavior and habits, and that’s where a salesmen beats the copywriter or advertiser.

…But the behavior of the masses can be predicted with mathematical certainty.

That’s where the advertiser wins.

If creating ads that moves the masses is something you’re interested in, check out my blog here.


Don’t worry, there’s no lions and tigers or bears over there.

It’s a safe place, my little medium friend.

I hope you enjoyed this strange post.

See ya later.


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