Why Great Artists Die Broke


Who would you rather be?

Bob Ross, the goofy looking infamous TV Host of the show “The Joy Of Painting”.
 “Victim” of countless memes and parodies, including Family Guy.

Or Vincent Van Gogh? The Dutch post-impressionist painter who inspired an entire movement in art.

Bob Ross taught you how to draw little shrubs and pictures.
 Van Gogh created masterpieces worth tens of millions.

I’m guessing you would pick Van Gogh.
Let me tell you why I would rather be Bob Ross…

There’s an unfortunate truth about our society.

The most talented, gifted artists usually die penniless, miserable deaths in obscurity.

It’s only after they die that their work gets discovered and the world realizes how talented they really were.

(I’ll tell you why I believe this happens at the end of this post. Almost everyone struggles with the same problem, it’s the real reason people don’t become successful.)

Such was the case for Van Gogh. He certainly did not live a lavish lifestyle of a celebrated artist.
 He didn’t have groupies surrounding him, feeding him grapes and fanning him with giant green palm leaves.

Vincent Van Gogh only sold one painting in his life.
 By all accounts he was unsuccessful and considered a madman.
 A true starving artist.

And unfortunately for him, the world didn’t realize his talent until he committed suicide.

Bob Ross on the other hand, was no Van Gogh in terms of talent.
 You won’t see his paintings hanging on the walls in the museum next to the other masterpieces.

But Bob Ross was no starving artist by any account.

His TV show “The Joy of Painting” ran for 11 years.
 Over that span, he taught thousands, if not millions of people who watched his show how to paint for free.

Here’s what you may not know about Ross. He had business savvy.

He leveraged his TV show and his own name to create an empire.

Take a second to go to www.BobRoss.com after you read this post.

There you’ll see his instructional DVDs, branded painting supplies, E-books, a mailing list to join, coloring books, and even in person classes.

Sure, they lived in completely separate times. Bob Ross had access to a medium that Van Gogh did not.

But that’s only an excuse.

Here’s the reason why most artists never become famous…why most genius never gets recognized.

It’s the exact same reason most businesses with great products go broke.

They failed to sell and promote themselves.

Maybe it was because they were afraid their work wasn’t good enough, or they were to much of a perfectionist to show it to the public…Or maybe they thought their genius would be recognized and “go viral”.

Either way, it’s not completely their fault. Part of the blame is on the shoulders of the system that educates us.

We are made to believe that if we just do good, we’ll be successful.

Like the old saying “If you build it, they will come”.

And that’s just not true. Never has been, never will be.

Real success…
Real fame…

Only comes from mastering the ability to market and sell yourself.

So ask yourself again, would you rather be Vincent Van Gogh — Respected after death.

Or Bob Ross — Wealthy while alive?

I rest my case.

Thanks for reading,

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