Do I Want To Live To 100?

Didn’t we go over this already? Read “What I Want to Do With My Life”.

Living to be 100 would be pretty cool, just to reach the number only. Would you expect yourself to be lively and up and walking at normal speed at 100? Do you think you’d be able to drive a car at 100, cook your own food at 100, or even wipe your own butt at 100?

I wouldn’t even know if I would get to 100. I can’t look that far into the future. All I can say now is that I wouldn’t want to be burden to anyone who would be obligated to take care of my frailness. A retirement home would probably do some good, but who is paying for that? Money isn’t cheap, especially when it comes to taking care of your livelihood.

I still think 40 is a good number to either retire to expire. Retiring gets you to 50, then you’re done. If it’s possible to do the daily tasks at 100 the same way I could do them at 30, then I might consider wanting to live up to that age.

For now, I’ll stay with being 60 years short.

Originally published at on January 25, 2017.