Revisiting the Past

This seems like an interesting question that could be answered in so many ways. My past is not the most glorious of pasts, but there are some interesting tidbits here and there that would be good to come back to.

The high school glory days of my running career is one. It could serve as a constant reminder of why working hard can be fun and rewarding. Most notably memorizing my mile split for 8 laps just to get a state qualifying time. Of course, my AP English midyear exam had to be sacrificed. I had to go 120% in training for 2 weeks to get that time in. 4:50.87. Never forget.

It’s just reliving memories, not trying to change the events. That would be a whole separate post unto itself. The good and the bad, they make you who you are today. I’m in the zone where I’ve considered a lot of my past pretty bad, but I’ve become who I am because of those bad events. There are still good things, here and there, so it’s not just negative stuff influencing my growth.

Imagine revisiting just all the negative stuff in the past. It’d probably be a cry-fest for 20 years.

Originally published at on November 19, 2016.

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