Unknowingly Submitting to Peer Pressure

I don’t know if I could think of a specific example, but I must do this all the time as my way of not caring. Don’t worry, I still vaguely know the “8 Ways to Say No”.

It’s probably something so stupidly against my moral compass like drinking alcohol underage in college or taking a puff of a cheap, shitty cigar in college. Because all I wanted to do in college was resist drugs and alcohol (not calling a cigar a drug). Thanks, D.A.R.E. officers. You’re great.

I think the point of unknowingly submitting to peer pressure is the unknowingly part. You’re not aware. Maybe you’re just really nice and social and willing to do what everyone else is doing. Or you just don’t care enough and have no moral compass and just goes with the flow. I don’t now. Are these the cases?

Is it peer pressure still if it’s coming from your friends? I think that makes it easier to unknowingly submit. You’re too comfortable around them so it might hard to distinguish what event is out of place.

I’ll think about this for a while. Well, probably for like 3 seconds before I post this. Not a big deal.

Originally published at bcao.me on December 7, 2016.