Managing Top Performers to Stay on Top of Their Game

Every company has top performers who are probably worth more than average employees. Luckily, the reason they could perform so well is most likely because they are happy being in your company. Ranging from well-paid salary, to compatible company culture and more. On the other words, it will be easier to retain these people.

As employee retention is not the problem anymore, there is another arising issue: how could they stay at the top of their game? Apart from that we do not expect them to leave, we should be sure that they can perform well or even better with time.

Based on my experience of managing top performers, only two things matter for maintaining their brilliant performances:

1. Focus on their development

Yes, top performers may already have amazing skills and expertise that surprise you, but they have to keep developing themselves while working for your company. Convince them that their future belongs to your company.

Indeed, most top performers are ambitious and determined to create a bright career path. All you have to do is to provide their fine future. Facilitate them to maximise their abilities and knowledges.

Simply put, create clear pathways for their growth and advancement. Such as:

  • Training

Pay for seminars or events related to their expertise, especially if they are interested to go to specific events. Consider this as a bonus for your top performers.

  • Mentoring

Just because they perform so well does not mean you forget to continuously mentor them. Mentoring is an excellent approach to improve their performance. Sometimes, you choose to mentor only for average employees and underperformers. It often makes top performers disengaged. Thus, creating a formal mentoring program could be the solution.

  • Special assignments

Extra responsibilities will not be a burden for top performers. They might actually wish for it, in order to build new expertise or improve themselves further. Hand-picked special assignments for your top performers, so that they do not feel stagnant in the company. Ensure that it shows how much you value their skills, as well as their dedication for your company. Let them shine in different occasions!

2. Get personal to understand what matters for them

Each person is unique, and you can’t treat them the same. Go deep with each of your top performers by listening and maintain a good relationship with them. For example, some of them might be into big paychecks, some of them think that work-life balance is the number one matter, while some of them are more into meaningful jobs that gives them their ultimate satisfaction.

Help them to tailor their own career paths, but ensure that your company plays a huge part in it. Take some time to get personal with them, let them give feedbacks for you as a leader and the company as well. Sure thing, they would retain their best performances to the company.