There is a myth about American Businesses….and Creative Businesses, that is killing the American will to start them.

This myth is the reason millions of small creative businesses fail.

This myth is the reason lots of freelancers are doing worse and worse.

The myth is the reason that the self employed….are actually the self enrolled.

This myth is so pervasive and so engrain in the psychology of the small business owner….and yet no one knows about it.

It is a virus.

Here’s the myth: starting a business means freedom, decision-making and 
“being my own boss” — simply because you’re now in control.

Nothing could be further from the truth and it’s this simple myth that we need to correct in order for small businesses, shops and freelancers to continue.


A business is not freedom. Let me say that again….a business is not choosing what you want to do, when you want to do it and how it’s going to be done.


A business is the opposite of freedom.

A business is a Master…a Master who wants one thing and one thing only….to control you.

Therefore, a business is a war…a war between your freedom and its control.

The battlefield is your time.

But there’s a way to win….and its simple.

You need to create a vision to align your Master, a house to cage your Master and system to chain your Master up.

You need to control your business…or it will control you.

Creative Businesses — for all their vision, talent and inspiration — almost all suffer from the same tyranny.

The Tyranny of their business.

And it’s obvious why….

Creativity needs to flow, bump repel and be fluid to be effective. It’s messy and chaotic because it is in this chaos that creativity crystallizes and becomes something greater than its parts.

In other words, creativity’s oxygen is its freedom.

Unfortunately, the opposite is true with business.

The Creative Business is a monster tyrant who gets stronger and more dominating the more freedom you give it….the more you turn your eye the more you let it win the war.

Your creative business want to kills you. And it wants your time — to waste, to trivialize, to light on fire.

You must control it first if your creativity — and time — can find the space to thrive.

And to do that you need to align it, cage it and chain it.

Because once you do that…you’re in control and can start feed it creativity.