Ontology Answers Trust Issues Between Servers With Blockchain Tech (Huobi Talks)

As blockchain technology grows, the information needed to understand this trend is hard to find for beginners. Huobi Pro has a Youtube channel for all blockchain insights and news related content for anyone looking to learn about projects. Huobi talks invites blockchain leaders to talk about their protocols, products and vision. With a global connection without borders, language barriers have been an issue for blockchain founders to express their ideas. Their weekly episodes help achieve an in depth explanation about what they are, where they are and what the future holds for them.

Ontology to be featured in the upcoming episode

For the upcoming episode, Huobi talks will bring in the Ontology team to speak about their project. Ontology is a “peer-to-peer trust network” built in the NEO ecosystem to leverage and digitize trust in the blockchain world for companies and enterprises. Founded by the Onchain team in China their goal is to build a “trusted bridge” towards the blockchain for people without previous experience of the tech to easily integrate their projects.

Trust is one of the biggest issues in today’s digital world, the project is trying to build a trustless, distributed, and decentralized ecosystem for traditional companies to build their infrastructure in. As data has to always be verified in multiple junctions, you have to trust servers and the backend to make sure everything is correctly handled. With technology, there are multiple steps to verification, and those can be easily be corrupted. Ontology is working on how to make transactions between servers more trusted.

Linkedin can leverage Ontologys technology to easily identify, verify and authenticate identities and ownership of titles without the need of outside third parties.

This is an interesting and ambitious project to say the least. You will be able to learn more about it at the upcoming Huobi Talk show which will stream this Thursday May 10th, at 12pm (GMT+8). The talk show will go in depth and in simple terms about Ontologys vision, technology, product and what stage of the roadmap they are holding.

My first encounter with Ontology happened at the NEO devcon back in January. The project really intrigued me, and as a gratitude of my curiosity to the project and my NEO holdings I received some airdrops as a reward. The price of Ontology has increased by 550% since their ICO making it one of the top cryptocurrency performers of 2018! If you miss the past Ontology airdrop, airdrops are usually given out during the show so stay tuned!

By Menajem Benchimol