Transaction Hacks Using The Huobi Platform

Huobi Pro Point Cards

After using the Huobi Pro platform for a while, I have come across a few hacks and loopholes I would like to share with the public to save in fees.

Trading fees with point cards

Compared to Binance and its 0.1% market trading fee, Huobi firsthand appears to have higher fees than the former (0.2%). The trading fee can be lowered when you trade with a Huobi Point card. The platform offers users to buy their point cards to receive special trading discounts. Currently there is an unofficial OTC market for Huobi POINTS card.

Playing it right, you can save some major trading percentage fees (up to 75% off). See, when the Huobi token was launched, people who purchased the point cards were able to receive free Huobi tokens. Due that they don't need the point card anymore, people are selling these cards for up to 75% off the market!

Super Rebate hack

Currently, users can use a combination of VIP + point packages to reduce their trading fee. Users can signup new accounts under their main account and trade on those referral accounts to earn rebates for themselves!

For example:

Users with high trading habits can purchase the VIP2 package (600HT at a 2.7 USDT valuation= 1,620 USDT /month)


For a trade of USDT 10,000 the regular transaction fee would be 0.2% (20 USDT). With a VIP2 purchase, the transaction would be 16 points (16 USDT). If you purchase the point cards in an OTC market, the actual cost for this transaction is 16USDT * 0.25 = 0.08% (4 USDT)! Lastly, an addition of Super Rebate the net cost would be of 0.056% (2.8 USDT).

Much cheaper than the regular 0.2% Huobi trading fee and 0.1% Binance trading fee!

  • Note: VIP users will need a minimum trading volume to breakeven as they need to factor cost of VIP package.

As you can tell, if you buy 100 points, it will cost you 90 USDT, and if you buy 1000 points, 800 USDT will be charged to you.

For more point card hacks, join the Huobi Point Card telegram group.